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Amber & Xavier Public Relations Launch to Accept Challenges
Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Amber and Xavier (AX) Public Relations had their first ever appreciation party at Skewers, Subang Avenue on the September 27th, 2010. With the presence of the Guest of Honour Y.B. Senator Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon, the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department; the credibility and reliability of this company has no doubt been given, automatically.



The names of the founders are pretty much easily spotted through the company's name, Amber and Xavier Public Relation. A celebrity slash supermodel --- Amber Chia; as well as a well-known, experienced public figure --- Xavier Mah. Both founders of AX came dressed to the hilt in order to fit into the party's Stylish dress code.

The turn out of the crowd was great! It was a surprised for me to see so many people packed in one restaurant. There were a few familiar celebrities spotted at the party: Vanita Imran, Megan Tan, Daniel Tan, Baki Zainal, Reymee, Jonathan Putra, Stella Chung, Owen Yap, Jehan Miskin, Jojo Struys, Chermaine Poo, and so on.

Amber Chia and Jojo Struys

Stella Chung and Victoria

AX Public Relations is a young, energetic, and enthusiastic team, which sees the collaboration of two young and intelligent minds, Amber Chia and Xavier Mah. Both of them are young, yet successful. And most importantly is that they are ready for challenges.

"Our aim is to create the most inspiring, innovative, and motivating Public Relations solutions to a variety of brands in all markets through various channels," said Xavier. "Age is not a barrier for anyone to start a business; you may be young but what's important is that you dare to dream big. I did and the result is AX!" he proudly added.

Amber, Victoria, and Xavier

AX Public Relations adopts a one-on-one client relationship. It believes in delivering the right kind of attention through the right channels, on time and within the client's budget, with the same commitment and resources regardless of size or location.
In short, AX Public Relations is not bias towards anyone, anywhere, and anyhooooooo...

Amber states that AX Public Relations is all about being in the right place at the right time as well as having the right partner. "I have, in the past, been approached by interested parties who wanted me to help them with PR work. And it has always been my dream to start a PR agency," she said.


"Finding a good business partner hasn't been easy until I found Xavier," she added. "Xavier is passionate in what he does and he has a positive work attitude; this is a very competitive business but with our determination I am sure Xavier and I will grow the business successfully," she added.

Xavier's positive reaction with the collaboration is much appreciated by Amber as well as the public, and he gave Amber credit for her down-to-earth and hardworking attitude. "We hope our collaboration is the answer to providing our clients and future clients with the best services available!" said Xavier. "We each have our own unique qualities and strengths!"

The owners of this new yet credible consultancy company expressed their appreciation to Y.B. Senator Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon for making his time to officiate this event with a souvenir presentation after his speech.

They emphasized on their agency's motto --- "We are passionate about your business"
These two young successful Asians have the ability to easily pass off as a Jack-of-all-Trades.
The results that the clients get are the proofs of these two active and functioning brains!
It is assured that your business will be in safe hands, if only you're engaging the services provided by this spell-binding collaboration.
Your event will never be a hit-and-miss but the talk of the town, ALWAYS.

Some pictures taken with my fellow bloggers friend at the party!

Victoria and I

From left: Victoria, Me, and Samantha

Victoria and I, look at my tired and exhausted look! Gosh...

Look at how does Victoria's vainness betray her inner-self. LOL!

Samuel looks a lil...retarded here. Hahaha...

Victoria giving a blowjob to the skewer

According to Samantha, this is my hungry greedy look! Jeez... [slaps]

From left: Me, Victoria, Samantha, and Samuel

Thank you Amber and Xavier for the invitations for my fellow blogger friends (Victoria, Samuel, Samantha) and me. ;)

Photographs Credited to Samantha and Victoria's photography skills.

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