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Discover Stem Cells with Cell Safe International & Amber Chia
Sunday, September 19, 2010
Please remember the statements below before considering of conceiving a baby!
"It was, is, and never will be cheap to have a baby!"

"The best gift for your child is to offer him/her a lifetime protection!"
CellSafe International is able to assist you!


(I know this might sound boring to you, but you ought to read it! It is interesting.)

1 9 8 8
(when I was still a non-combined sperm and ovum, LOL)
The first ever successful transplant of umbilical cord blood performed on
Matthew Farrow, 5-year-old American boy in France who was suffering from Fanconi's anemia.

1 9 9 0
(the year which I was born)
First umbilical cord blood transplant performed in USA!

1 9 9 8
First autologous transplant of privately banked cord blood.
The patient developed neuroblastoma and was transplanted with her own cord blood.
Over 600 Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant performed to date worldwide.

2 0 0 1
There are more than 65k cord blood units banked in the public registries in the US & Europe;
more than 1.5k patients have received cord blood transplants from these banks.

2 0 0 2
The transplantation of stem cells can slow the progress of multiple sclerosis,
it was announced during the American academy of neurology press release.

2 0 0 8
Harvard researchers published first disease specific iPS lines for diseases including
Parkinson's, Down Syndrome, juvenile diabetes, and Huntington's disease.

Gained better insight about the importance and history of stem cells now?



CellSafe International Group, in short CellSafe, took the initiative to organize a press workshop
on the September 8th, 2010
with the theme "Discover Stem Cells with CellSafe and Amber Chia" at Sentidos Tapas, StarHills Kuala Lumpur.


The Marketing Director of CellSafe, Mr. Lau Kin Wai said at the Press Conference,
"Stem Cell research opens up a new front in medical treatmenet which has great potential.
Millions of people around the world suffer from incurable diseases.
Stem cell research by the global medico-scientific community is finding some breakthroughs in stem cell therapies
to treat illnesses which were not possible by conventional surgical cum drug methods."


He added, "Another potential application of stem cells is in the area of regenerative medicine
where stem cells have been used by scientists to study their abilities
to turn into specific cells and tissues for medical transplantation purposes.
The number of people awaiting for medical transplant is only growing and
in the most countries the transplant waiting list is enormous."


Also present at the press workshop was Amber Chia, the international supermodel and celebrity
who is currently pregnant and expecting her first baby's due on the October 3rd, 2010.
Amber Chia, who has been officially announced as the spokesperson of CellSafe
to promote the awareness of cord blood stem cell preservation, said,
"It's my honour and pleasure to be the Spokesperson of CellSafe. Well, I believe this is the best gift to my baby boy.
Also, I understand the advantages of preserving the stem cells.
The traditional method of harvesting stem cells from
bone marrow is difficult compared to simple procedure of harvesting and preserving stem cells from cord blood at a baby's birth.
The cord blood stem cells can be preserved for a long duration and
it can be potentially be used by the donor or, even a family member."

"I have never heard about stem cell preservation services prior to my pregnancy,
it was by chance that I come across CellSafe and
I think that this is an important gift for my baby as I care about the future well being of my child.
In fact I see this as bio-insurance for my entire family.
I find the awareness on the availability of such services
is still very low in Malaysia compared to other developed countries.
When CellSafe approached me to help to promote the awareness of stem cell preservation,
I was thrilled to be able to assist in spreading the news to other expectant parents,
especially to first time parent like myself," added Amber Chia.


Moms and Kids Expo at Danga City Mall, Johore Bahru was held from the
September 17th till September 19th, 2010.
Amber Chia was the guest of honour of the official launch of that particular expo on the
September 18th, 2010 at 12pm.


CellSafe International Group is a regional biotechnology group that focuses on
non-controversial stem cells technologies (i.e. from non-embryonic sources).
CellSafe specializes mainly in the harvesting and cryogenic preservation of cord blood stem cells.


In Malaysia, CellSafe is one of the only 4 service providers licensed by The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)
to operate a stem cell bank and to provide cord blood stem cell cryogenic preservation services.
CellSafe has also been awarded the BIONEXUS status by
the Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation Sdn Bhd, a government-linked company.
The Bionexus status allows CellSafe to enjoy a 10-year tax-free pioneer status
and access to the R&D grants specifically set-up for the biotechnology sector.

CellSafe currently operate from Malaysia and Indonesia.
They are planning to expand into other ASEAN countries in the near future.

CellSafe is staffed with well-qualified medical technologists
and receive advice from experienced medical doctors and world-class stem cell scientists
from Imperial College London and Stanford University Medical School;
hence can deliver none other but the BEST services.

CellSafe is one of the fastest growing cord blood banks
with an expanding branch network in Asia.




CellSafe Website
CellSafe Facebook

Click Here

"Nothing is more important than protecting your baby and your family!"

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